Monday, 12 January 2015

A brief aside....

The Harlow Halfwit has been doing his usual thing - making a whole series of false claims, this time about Robert Murat. He has been repeatedly challenged to provide a source. He can't. 

Below is part of his post. The bits in red are mine

''The myriad puzzles relating to Robert Murat’s subsequent involvement in the Madeleine McCann case begin with trying to explain his apparently sudden decision to fly from Exeter to Faro Airport, on the Algarve, at 7.00am on Tuesday 1 May. 

It wasn't sudden. You have your 'facts' wrong, as per usual. 

Murat has explained this as a response to his partner Michaela Walczuk urgently demanding him to see his solicitor in Portugal to finalise his divorce so that she and Murat could go ahead and marry. 

Cobblers - there is no record in the files of him saying anything of the kind

He had previously, he said, been planning to fly back out to Portugal on 9 May.

No he didn't. He said - and this IS in the files - that he had originally planned to return TO THE UK on 9th May. He delayed it because he had been helping the police. This is all in his statement, so you have no excuse for this falsehood
The flight booking was apparently made between 12midnight and 2am on Monday 1 May.

No it wasn't

 Murat’s sister appears to have driven him to Exeter Airport between 4am and 5am that morning, so he could catch his flight. Why did Murat leave this booking to the last possible moment? 

He didn't

The later you leave it, the more the risk of not finding a seat, and the price triples or even more. We conclude that the booking was made in a hurry.

It wasn't 

There has therefore been some speculation - 

Speculation by you!

-  that Murat was summoned to Portugal by ’phone during 30 April because something untoward had already happened in Praia da Luz. The Portuguese Police have made available certain telephone records relating to Robert Murat and his friends which have added to that speculation.

Speculation by you 

These records suggest that there was quite intense telephone activity on 30 April between the landline of the home of Robert Murat and his mother in Praia da Luz and two Exeter telephone numbers, one of them being his sister’s ’phone, where Robert appeared to have been staying at that time.

There were calls between he and his family. Since when is that a crime? 
One ’phone call, to a U.K. landline just after 9.00am, lasted over an hour. Some of these calls were to a U.K. mobile ’phone. It could perhaps have been either his mother, or his girlfriend Michaela Walczuk, who was talking to Murat. Other records show that Michaela Walczuk was also very busy that morning [30 April] on her two mobiles, making several long ’phone calls instead of her usual short ones.

So what? 

There appear to be some unusual aspects of some of the telephone records relating to the ‘Tapas 9’ prior to 3 May 2007. Jane Tanner appears to have received a call made at 4.12am on the previous day, Sunday 29 April.

So what is that to do with it? It wasn't to Murat

There is a strange patterns of mobile calls made at around 10.00pm on Tuesday 1 May. 

No there isn't

We also know that Dr Gerald McCann received either 12 or 14 voicemail messages on 2 May, while Dr Kate McCann began wiping calls from her mobile on the same day. These are matters we hope to explore more fully in another article.

Yeah - from jail

Basically, Bennett, you are a lying twat. You have not produced a single source for any of your claims and many are a direct contradiction of the evidence in the files.


Just when I thought it was safe to come out of the bunker.....

Shit - that  bloody Johanna woman has rumbled me.

I was sticking the knife in Murat, as usual, using a bit of poetic licence about him rushing back to Portugal in the middle of a cup of tea, when the bitch called me on it. I've done the usual - ignored her for a bit then changed the subject - but she won't fuck off. It's not fair - my arse is still in tatters after the mauling I got from Tigger.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Lying Low


I am lying low today while my minions put that cheeky trollop I banned in her place. The shit hit the fan when I accidentally passed off a load of stuff about 2x2, given to me by someone else, as my own work, then some other hard-faced bitches decided to get in on the act too. Cows. 

Next thing I know, the fishwives are forming an orderly queue to stab me in the back, so their names have all gone in the bastards book, and I am busy printing off their IP addresses to send to that nice Mr Tudor. Should be worth a bit of a rebate......

A nosey bastard has spotted that considering there are 4000 members, there are only ever 8 around at any one time, and 6 of those are me. So I have got that dozy twat Plebgate creating another 100 sock accounts to keep the numbers up, especially as there are some disruptors that are just asking to be banned. 

Friday, 2 January 2015

To do list

1) Breakfast, 4 oz gruel

2) Post Dinner money to the nice lady at Carter Ruck

3) Visit WH Smith. Purchase 40 gallons blue ink and a marker pen.

4) Sneak into book department and alter recipes in Delia's 'How to cook' from grammes to ounces.

5) Compose first FOI request of the day

Dear Scotland Yard.

For many years now the British public have sat aghast while millions are wasted on *insert 800  word diatribe about Operation Grange*

My last request for information was refused, and I was told that my request was vexatious. I therefore would like to know:

1) Why, upon delivering my request and accompanying documents to the front desk where they were taken away by an officer I couldn't help but notice appeared to be of Mediterranean appearance, did I clearly hear a shout from the back office, to wit. ''It's that bald speccy twat again, Andy. Want me to oil the shredder?''..........................................

New Year Resolutions, 2015

1) To install a storage tank for bulk purchases of blue ink

2) To hit my weekly FOI target

3) The introduction of the death penalty for anyone selling carrots by the kilo

4) To get even with that bloody Tigger for the Martin Smith debacle

5) To make sure no-one on CMOMM ever gets to hear about the Martin Smith debacle

6) To go to Specsavers

7) To find a link between the second Martin Smith and Robert Murat

8) Other resolutions to be added to the list with the passage of time.

9) To post at least one poll per week where every answer translates to ''Yes Tony, I agree with you''