Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ode To Bennett.....

To be sung to the tune of Copacabana, by Barry Manilow 

His name was Bennett, he was a moron
A 3-inch parting in his hair, a greasy mac cut down to there
He would dissemble, and bore for Britain
He thought he knew about the law, but his knowledge was so poor
That every pension day, he’s giving half away,
And if he isn’t very careful they’ll be back for more

He’s a halfwit, the Harlow halfwit,
With qualifications in bullshit,
He’s a halfwit, the Harlow Halfwit
With blue ink and passion for taking a thrashing

He’s a halfwit……….. Oh shit, I’m banned!

''He rattled his maracas next to me, in no time I was trembling at the knee''