Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Mahoosive Irony Klaxon

From the fragrant pages of the Cesspit

Therefore you are suggesting that all of (1) Kate McCann (2) Gerry McCann (3) Catriona Baker and (4) the proof-readers, advisers, lawyers and publishers of Kate McCann's book 'madeleine' are all either lying or mistaken in saying that the Lobsters crèche was based at the Ocean Club reception.

I am even more puzzled and astonished before at your reasoning

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Calling Mr Baldylocks; Come in Baldylocks, your time is up

Remember this?

"As far back as 9 December 2007, the satirical internet journal Anorak brought news of how Stephen Winyard was hosting week-long swinging parties - an echo of claims long made by McCann blogger 'Textusa' "

You should do, Baldylocks. You said it. 

So here's the article link again


Would you like me to publish every word of that article, so that you can point to the bit you mention above? No?

Okay then.

Madeleine McCann: And Another Thing Gordon Brown, Stephen Winyard Says And Christmas

by  | 9th, December 2007
mccann-parents.jpgMADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann
THE PEOPLE: “Madeleine probe hit by delays”
Eight months of looking and now this headline..?
“Police plans to quiz Maddie McCann’s parents again look set to be delayed until after Christmas” – who works over Christmas?
“Kate and Gerry McCann fear Portuguese police could turn up on their doorstep on Christmas Day” – They should read The People and stop worrying about “dithering Algarve detectives”; the tabloid press’s not-so-wise men
Says a source close to the couple: “They’re desperate for their first Christmas without Madeleine to be an intimate, private affair. But they’re on tenterhooks because the occasion could be gatecrashed”
Maybe their private detectives can save the day? Metodo 3 director Francisco Marco tells us: “I think it’s going very well. I am unable to say too much except that everything is very positive.” At a rate of £2,000-a-day, hard to see how things could be negative…
“MCCANNS ‘WILL BE CLEARED BY XMAS’” – so reported the Star one week ago
DAILY MAIL: “Red tape could delay questioning of McCanns until after Christmas”
“Police questioning of Gerry and Kate McCann over the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine could be delayed until after Christmas. Portuguese detectives are ready to fly to the UK and have prepared letters with questions the couple and their seven holiday friends must answer. But they are being held up by a mass of red tape”
Gerry and Kate McCann are “doctors”. Such are the facts
THE TIMES: “Brown ‘ignores’ plea by McCanns”
McCann backer Stephen Winyard, who owns a Scottish health spa, says the “shutters had gone up” after Portuguese police named Gerry and Kate McCann as suspects: “Our request to meet with ministers – the prime minister, the home secretary and the foreign secretary – has still not been met”
It was one so different with Gordon ‘Columbo’ Brown
SUNDAY HERALD: “Tycoon blasts Brown over missing Madeleine”
Stephen Winyard has also offered a £1m reward for Madeleine’s return
Says he: “”This government was elected to look after its citizens. And it’s fair to say it’s a fundamental principle of our legal system that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. With that in mind, I would really strongly urge that Gordon Brown, who has previously been really supportive, accede to our request for a meeting at ministerial level”
Will Gordon Brown meet the McCann party then look at every missing person and apparent crime?
Says Winyard: “Both Gerry and Kate have been through an absolute nightmare and they’re facing some very difficult weeks with Christmas coming up”
Gordon Brown is a politician. Such are the facts

So where is it? 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Baldylocks and the Three Spares

Coming soon........

A fairytale which will enchant the whole family

Baldylocks and the Three Spares

Once there was a sad old man called Baldylocks. Baldylocks didn't have many friends, partly because a wicked witch took most of his money, so he couldn't go out and get some.

Baldylocks, in happier times, when fruit was weighed in pounds. 

He used to have lots, but he had to send them into exile when they didn't agree with him. So now he has to make his own. That's why he calls them his Spares. They are his imaginary playmates. They can say things Baldylocks can't say, or the Wicked Judge of the West will throw him in a teensy tiny cell. He can talk to his spares, and they talk back to him, which is very useful when he isn't getting his own way.

Would you like to know who the first spare is, children?

Very well! It's this man!

This is Ray. He's Baldylocks' best friend and most important Spare.

Ray never used to be a spare. Ray was just a picture Baldylocks had lifted from a Linkedin profile because he thought he looked like a bad man who ran away with the Princess. But Ray soon became a spare, and Baldylocks often takes him out and talks to him. Usually about the Mythical Creature of the Mountains, Smithmanfoot, who Baldylocks doesn't believe in......

Come back again soon, children, and discover more about 

Baldylocks and the Three Spares

Not only, but also.......

Bennett, presumably not content with the long line of people who have taken his arse to the cleaners, looks to be actively trying to dispose of his residual income.

In a rather rambling post on CMOMM today he says the following:

"As far back as 9 December 2007, the satirical internet journal Anorak brought news of how Stephen Winyard was hosting week-long swinging parties - an echo of claims long made by McCann blogger 'Textusa' "

Swings, as used by filthy perverts who probably have an account with DeviantArt, the dirty bastards

This follows hot on the heels of one of Textusa's simpletons finding a reference to swinging on a swinging site. Well, bugger me backwards with a blunt market vegetable. 

Anyhoo, here is a link to the Anorak article of 9th December 2007. Could Baldylocks please point out where the bit about the week long swinging parties is? Because there would appear to be no mention whatsoever.....


Tuesday, 1 March 2016


As you will know, the impoverished tramp swore in court that he would stop flapping his gums in the general direction of the McCann pair
It was slowly dawning on staff at the Hammersmith Apollo that they had booked the wrong Tony Bennett.....

In return, the aforesaid pair agreed to take an enormous sum up front, followed by a considerable sum every month for the following ten years, and to park the other vast sum on a plinth surrounded by a forcefield in the meantime, provided he went away and was a good boy in future.

Naturally, Mr Greased Lightweight readily agreed to this.

The judge added his best wishes in the form of a prison sentence, suspended for two years, provided he was a good boy and kept himself out of trouble.

So, the malodorous one retired to a life of slightly less luxury than he had before, having vowed never again to speak of the matter.

The problem is, he's a McCannoholic. Before long, he was back, hitting the 'source' again, as if he had never been away.

I think maybe the thought crossed his mind that the two years was up, he can't be thrown in the clink now, so it was worth a go, perhaps forgetting that if he was dragged back to court he would still be liable for the forcefield to be dropped and the whopping sum on the plinth to become applicable again.

What is perhaps more likely though, and has been postulated in certain circles, is that having seen the success of the Amaral Defence fund he thought "Oooh, they will do this for me, their hero, and then they'll have to let me back on the telly"

So here is your chance........

Today, you too can make your feelings known, and without parting with any cash, declare your level of support for the Blue-Ink Crusader, thanks to a special package designed by GoFuckYourself.com.

Simply tick the box for the level of support you would like to offer

The Bronze Package 
"I would like Mr Bennett to GoFuckHimself for 1 year" 

The Silver Package
"I would like Mr Bennett to GoFuckHimself for 5 years, and to lose his remaining hair"

The Gold Package
"I would like Mr Bennett to GoFuckHimself on a permanent basis and then be sued by all the witnesses he has accused of lying, before finally being rehoused next to a gay Muslim family with a transgender dog. In France.