Thursday, 6 September 2018

I see dead people.

It had to be said, as lie detector tests go, Tony's was a bit shit

Evening all.

Time for a little Bennett-debunking, I think.

The Cadaverous Tramp has been energetically telling lies about Mrs Pamela Fenn, who is unable to defend herself on account of being dead.

So there are only two choices - either get Sabre-toothed Gurney to contact her from beyond the grave via the magic of some shitty crystal she purchased from QVC, or point out to Baldylocks that he's a big old liar.

Yeah, let's go for Plan B

The owner of the world's widest parting starts in typical fashion - with a statement indicating he has already made your mind up for you. Twat.  

1. On her own admission, she did not report the crying incident to the police at the time, or later
You think people go running to the police every time they hear a child crying? Get a life. And she did report it later, that's why it is in her statement. Stop me if I'm going too fast for your calcified neurons 

2. She appears to have been prompted into making her statement by the McCann Team
Absolute bullshit. No indication whatsoever that this is the case 


3. Mrs Fenn’s account of a burglary at her home in the weeks before 28th April is at the very least open to doubt. If she was not truthful about that, we simply cannot use her statement as evidence of anything.
Why is it open to doubt? Because you say so? Load of bollocks, no reason for her to make it up 

4Despite a child allegedly continually crying and sobbing for 75 minutes, with other properties all around, not one other person has ever corroborated the ‘crying incident’. No-one else heard it.
So what? Noise does not travel equally in all directions. She was in the flat above, and heard. You could have had a farting elephant in the room and people across the road might not have heard it, what with windows and shutters and no direct contact. Dozy pillock. 

5. Mrs Fenn says that she ’phoned and spoke to a Mrs Edna Glyn ‘some time after 11.00pm’, that is, after the crying had been going on for over half-an-hour. We have never seen any corroboration of this from Mrs Glyn
So fucking what? Why would we expect to see anything of the kind? You think an elderly lady is going to go public just in case some follicularly-challenged wanktrumpet can have his deranged mind put at rest 11 years later? 

6. It is claimed by Mrs Fenn that when she spoke to Mrs Glyn, she replied: ‘I am not surprised’. According to Mrs Fenn’s evidence, the child she heard crying was sobbing continually - and so must have been audible to her and Mrs Glyn as they were talking (if they were). Yet on Mrs Fenn’s evidence, neither of them bothered to lift a finger about it. They could have called the police or the Ocean Club. But they did nothing 
Absolute bullshit. She was on the phone to Mrs Glynn - Maddie would have had to be screaming her lungs out for her to have heard. And why SHOULD they do anything? It wasn't their responsibility, there was no suggestion the child was anything other than distressed. If someone is making that much noise, they are generally okay (First Aid 101)

7. In any event, Mrs Fenn’s account of contacting Mrs Glyn about the crying appears to conflict with the account of a police officer, who testified that Robert Murat had said that ‘some foreign woman’ had ’phoned him up on the night of the ‘crying incident’
Okay - we are now entering "You are a lying shit" territory. The policeman did no such thing. He testified that at some point Murat had phoned the post to let them know that some WOMEN, who were foreigners, could hear a child crying

There was NO suggestion it was on the night in question, quite the opposite.

He did not say 'woman', he said ''women''

Robert Murat was contacted by some women, who had already spoken to the police, to say they could hear a child crying. Correct thing to do. He contacted the police. Correct thing to do.

Stop fucking lying about it, you oily tit.

8. The description Mrs Fenn gives about the age of the child that she says she heard crying is strange, clumsy and contrived. Allowing for the possibility that something may have been ‘lost in translation’, her statement says that the crying was coming from directly below her and that “the tone of the crying seemed to be a young child and not a baby of two years of age or younger”. The twins were two years and two months during the holiday in Praia da Luz. Thus Pamela Fenn’s statement appears to rule them out. There is at least a suspicion therefore that her statement has been carefully crafted to suggest that it was Madeleine that was crying   
More bullshit. There is nothing clumsy or contrived about it. She stated that the child was using words, not just wailing. That suggests the older child. Cock. 
9. A news clip about Mrs Fenn appeared on SIC TV, Portugal, on 22 August two days after her statement at Portimao Police Station. In it, she denied having any information about the case:
Outright lie.
She very clearly denied having spoken to any journalists. She did NOT deny having information about the case, you just made that up. Wankstain.

Angry at the journalists' questions, Mrs Fenn denied being a witness in the case and said that what the press were saying was ‘pure speculation’.
Another lie. She did not deny being a witness or say that they were speculating.

Why do you do this, Bennett? These are easily provable lies, you dozy pissflange. 

10. Mrs Fenn herself was interviewed for the programme and said that anything she was supposed to have said to the police was ‘rubbish’.

No she fucking didn't. She said that she had not spoken to any journalists and what had been printed was rubbish.

What is worse is you then attach the following transcript, which has errors but which even so does not even back up your own claims in point 10!
Honestly, I have... I know nothing. I have been here three months. [She means: ‘This happened three months ago’. Mrs Fenn had lived I Praia da Luz for years]  Until all this happened, I've never spoken to a journalist, they've written rubbish in the newspapers. I've never even uttered a word! I've never (sighing)... it's all rubbish! Please, please, just forget it”. ]
She actually says 

"Honestly, I have... I know nothing. I have been here three months since all this happened, I have never spoken to a journalist, they've written rubbish in the newspapers, I've never even uttered a word. It's all rubbish, just please, please, forget it" 

So you weren't that far off - but even with the transcript, you have claimed something different

Don't be a knobend all your life, Tony. Take a day off.

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