Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Baldylocks and the Three Spares

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A fairytale which will enchant the whole family

Baldylocks and the Three Spares

Once there was a sad old man called Baldylocks. Baldylocks didn't have many friends, partly because a wicked witch took most of his money, so he couldn't go out and get some.

Baldylocks, in happier times, when fruit was weighed in pounds. 

He used to have lots, but he had to send them into exile when they didn't agree with him. So now he has to make his own. That's why he calls them his Spares. They are his imaginary playmates. They can say things Baldylocks can't say, or the Wicked Judge of the West will throw him in a teensy tiny cell. He can talk to his spares, and they talk back to him, which is very useful when he isn't getting his own way.

Would you like to know who the first spare is, children?

Very well! It's this man!

This is Ray. He's Baldylocks' best friend and most important Spare.

Ray never used to be a spare. Ray was just a picture Baldylocks had lifted from a Linkedin profile because he thought he looked like a bad man who ran away with the Princess. But Ray soon became a spare, and Baldylocks often takes him out and talks to him. Usually about the Mythical Creature of the Mountains, Smithmanfoot, who Baldylocks doesn't believe in......

Come back again soon, children, and discover more about 

Baldylocks and the Three Spares

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